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L-39: Flight To Dream


Our company - offers foreigners an original form of extreme VIP  tourism – flights on training jet-fighters L-39.

You can receive unforgettable impressions which You have never had before and may be won’t get in future for rather small time interval (flights last 30 or 60 minutes). To feel Yourself a real pilot to whom obeys the height and the speed, which orders the modern jet-fighter defers.

The flight program includes:

- medical inspection;

- master-pilot instructing in the equipment of a cabin equipment of the jet-fighter,  safety precautions during the flight;

- Instructing on emergency evacuation from the jet-fighter (ejection) in case of need with performance of training ejection on a training catapult;

- flight on jet-fighter L-39 as the second pilot-cadet with performing aerobatic maneuvers.

During flight you have an opportunity to pilot the jet-fighter by yourself

Upon landing special Certificate confirmed that You have made the flight is handed over to You by the chief-commander of the Training center.

During a trip to the Training center (240 km from Moscow) you are accompanied by the guide of our company.

In case of need we can present a transfer to the Training center and back.

Our company can prepare for You any tourist programs including the given flight or can organize such flight during Your visit to Russia, and also can reserve hotels, air- and railway tickets.

Performance of the given flight can be included in your program of stay in Russia with the tourist or business purposes.

All necessary information You can get from our managers by phone +7 (495) 669-43-57 or in the office.

Our address: Moscow, Strastnoy boulevard, 6/1, office 322 (3rd floor)

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