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Our company –APON service - offers You to spend time and have a rest in one of the most picturesque surprising on beauty places of Russia - in the Ural mountains. Southern Ural Mountains are heart of Russia. History of Russia inseparably linked with history of Ural Mountains. The set of fairy tales and legends is connected with this edge. And it  is no wonder: the nature of Ural Mountains is the revived fairy tale. If You are tired of city life, of  work, bustling streets, vanity of offices - welcome to majestic edge of gray-haired mountains, green woods and fields, the mountain rivers and lakes... All these You can see by Your own eyes if You choose one of offered rounds. You feel the present adventurer, will overcome water barriers, will master skills of riding... Also receive a sheer pleasure from dialogue with the surprising nature of Ural Mountains....

All necessary information You can get from our managers by phone +7 (495) 669-43-57 or in the office.

Our address: Moscow, Strastnoy boulevard, 6/1, office 322 (3rd floor)

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Туристическое приглашение в Россию сроком на 7 дней 

1000 р.

При оплате наличными.


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