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Our company -  APON service – will be glad to offer adventure tours in Russia – hunting and fishing. You can choose tour according Your wishes but in any case – with high level of service.

We can offer hunting and fishing in different regions of Russia. During the tour you not only can get a unique hunting trophy - a wolf, a wild boar, a bear, a wood-grouse, salmon - but also simply to have a rest in the nature, far from civilization.

We also guarantee that skilled experts will make the best efforts that you have received the maximum pleasure and  the best impressions and memoirs for long-long time!

All necessary information You can get from our managers by phone +7 (495) 669-43-57 or in the office.

Our address: Moscow, Strastnoy boulevard, 6/1, office 322 (3rd floor)

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Туристическое приглашение в Украину для иностранцев 


Туристическое приглашение для иностранцев в Россию сроком до 7 дней пребывания - 1000 р.


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