Москва, Страстной бульвар,
д. 6 стр. 1,оф. 322 

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Пн. - Пт. 10:00 - 18:00 
Сб. - Вс. - Выходной    

Консультации по телефону:  
в любой день 9:00 - 22:00



Dear friends!
Our company would like to offer unique possibility –  to enrich Your life with positive emotions, to get new Indelible and improbable impressions, to rise over every day problems and cares, to conquer elements of air space.
You can feel all these if You use our offer and rise to the sky in the cabin of jet-fighter MIG-29 or L-39.
It is round still left nobody indifferent!!
There are just few people in all over the world - excepting professional fighter pilots – who can tell that they have seized air space having control over a steering wheel of a modern military fighter, who themselves have had those feelings which are tested by the pilot remaining in private with air elements.
And You can be one of these lucky person!!

All necessary information You can get from our managers by phone +7 (495) 669-43-57 or in the office.

Our address: Moscow, Strastnoy boulevard, 6/1, office 322 (3rd floor)

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Туристическое приглашение в Украину для иностранцев 


Туристическое приглашение для иностранцев в Россию сроком до 7 дней пребывания - 1000 р.


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